The red pill or the blue…

The red pill or the blue…

The red pill or the blue pill: Endless consumption or sustainable future?

The question is, “what’s the real game?” The answer is easy enough. The game is preservation of an ancient system of wealth accumulation in the face of growing global resistance and crises. This system of wealth accumulation has gone by many names over the centuries, but like Karl Marx said, everywhere it is always the same.

The people of earth — the pawns on the chess board — have been using the internet to educate themselves for decades now and and they are increasingly rejecting the system and its associated careless consumption, of commodities such as meat, processed food, alcohol, cars and big malls. This rejection is causing a slow-burning growth crisis.

Increasing automation, however, is fanning the flames. Rapid workforce reductions of an estimated 35 to 49 per cent are expected in the next few years. Unless something changes, the system will be unable to accommodate the disruption. Mass unemployment, shattered safety nets, financial meltdown of an already teetering global system and refugee crises will be the inevitable result.

These fires have been contained before. However, now a third ecological crises is throwing accelerant on the flames.

You’d think growing realization of reality would galvanize even the most conservative elites who certainly see the future they’re leaving their children. The problem is that players are addicted to cash and they will sacrifice even their own children just to get their next fix. If the addicts retain control, our children are facing a grim future of fire, flood drought, food insecurity, famine, growing civil unrest which makes “business as usual” impossible, authoritarian repression and outright global war.

Choice two is to get rid of the Regime of Accumulation and replace it with a sustainable utopia based on fair production, distribution and healthy, not addictive motivations.
It is possible. We have the administrative and productive technology (the education system, the communication networks, the logistics, the control systems, the legal systems), if we use them properly, the resources, if we use them wisely, and the money we need to get it all done.

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