[ANG] Mama posłuchała…

[ANG] Mama posłuchała…

[ANG] Mama posłuchała proepidemików na FB – 4 letnie dziecko zmarło na grypę >>> ZNALEZISKO

Mama 4-letniego dziecka, zamiast kupić lek przeciwko grypie (Tamiflu), udzielała się i szukała porad na grupie antyszczepionkowej. W konsekwencji dziecko zmarło na grypę.

One recent post came from the mother of a 4-year-old Colorado boy who died from the flu this week. In it, she consulted group members while noting that she had declined to fill a prescription written by a doctor.

The child had not been diagnosed yet, but he was running a fever and had a seizure, the mother wrote. She added that two of her four children had been diagnosed with the flu and that the doctor had prescribed the antiviral Tamiflu for everyone in the household.

None of the 45 comments on the mother’s Facebook post suggested medical attention. The child was eventually hospitalized and died four days later, according to a GoFundMe started on his behalf by his family.

The mother also wrote that the “natural cures” she was treating all four of her children with — including peppermint oil, Vitamin C and lavender — were not working and asked the group for more advice. The advice that came in the comments included breastmilk, thyme and elderberry, none of which are medically recommended treatments for the flu.
“Perfect, I’ll try that,” the mother responded.

The mother’s recent posts have now been deleted from Stop Mandatory Vaccination, but in group posts going back to 2017 she said she had not vaccinated her children from the flu.

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